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Outdoor landscaping and stonework done in large backyard.

Stonework Symphony

Outdoor landscaping work surrounding pool area.

Aqua Dreamscape

Outdoor gazebo and small golf putting area, alternate angle 2.

Green Haven

Front yard landscaping and stone work.

Rejuvenating Heritage

Our strength has always been our relationships with our clients. The fact that we listen and take the time to uncover the possibilities of their property and home. Some projects are more functional than others and are needed to help solve a problem and functionalize an other wise unusable space.  Our process, no matter the scale or type of work, remains the same.  It is very easy, thorough, informative and ALWAYS creative! It’s actually alot of fun.

The information below is a general guideline to the process. We defiantly would like to stress that each project is so unique and individual to us and we are so happy, proud & thankful to have a new client select US to help them fulfill their needs.

Night time outdoor shot of modern house and front yard.

Modern Marvel

Green stylized #1

Onsite Consultation

A meeting uncovering a rough idea or very detailed description of what your goals are. Discussing all of the elements of the yard.  Such as, patio area, pool size and location, structures, privacy concerns and grassy space.  There can be a lot of information discussed, and it is our job to put it all together.

Green stylized #2

Measuring & Documenting

All the necessary site features must be meticulously measured and photographed to insure an accurate layout.

Green stylized #3


Our creative team then takes control.  We establish a comprehensive coloured, to scale concept. The proposed landscape plan includes many helpful tools and information such as a full colour plant picture and care guide.

Green stylized #4


We then meet with you and make our presentation. Reviewing the concept in detail and discussing any revisions necessary before implementation.

Aerial shot of corner lot house

Front Yard Facelift

Gated pool surrounded by large shrubbery and greenery.

Beyond the Backdoor

Green stylized #5


Once all the design and revisions are complete, a simple contract is drawn up, spelling out all of the details of the installation including scheduling and payment arrangements.

Green stylized #6


Our team then transfers the concept to reality.  Putting shovel to ground implementing all of the elements of the design.  Working with, at times, a variety of contractors coordinating and building all of the features involved with the concept.  Daily reviews with the client ensure everything is on schedule and as agreed.

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Clean Up

Once completed, we perform a very intense cleanup and power wash.  Putting the icing on top of a seamlessy choreographed production.

Green stylized #8


All warranties and information regarding the care and use of the new installation are discussed ensuring the client is fully informed and educated.  Final invoices and outstanding balances are reviewed and concluded.

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